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The Legend of Shankhadhar (“शंखधरको कथा” / “शंखधरया बाखँ”) – the first animated feature film of Nepal. It is a bilingual (Nepalbhasha & Nepali) with English subtitles, and a biopic on Shankhadhar Shakhwa, an ordinary merchant from Kathmandu who cleared everyone’s debt and started Nepal’s original era, Nepal Samvat, on 20th October 879 AD.

Developed in the backdrop of ancient Nepal from 11 years ago, the movie is a biopic on Nepal’s national hero Sankhadhar Saakhwa and how he started Nepal’s original era, Nepal Samvat, on 20th October 879 AD. Based on the social relations between the historic cities of Bhaktapur and Kathmandu, the movie also makes a comparison with the present-day Kathmandu which was hit by a devastating earthquake last year.

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Made under the banner of yantrakala studios, the movie has Sanyukta Shrestha as its writer/director. It’s animation team comprised of Sanyukta shrestha, Anjana Shrestha and Niyukta Shrestha, supported by Bigyan Prajapati and Prajnal Kakshepati.

The movie makes use of traditional Nepali style of art and story-telling in order to showcase Nepali culture and heritage. It has veteran artists like Rajaram Poudel, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Kiran K.C. And Madan Das Shrestha lending their voices. The music is by Bishwo Shahi and vocals by Nisha Desar, while dance direction is by Sunita Rajbhandari.

The movie will have it’s grand premiere on 11th December 2016 in UK by Pasa Puchah Guthi UK, and in USA by Newah Organization of America, respectively.
Similarly, in Nepal, it was released by an NGO called Gwahali on 17th December 2016, and in Australia 0n 29th April 2017 by Guthi Australia. The movie will also be screened in various other world cities in the future.

Made with a budget of GBP 45,000, the movie is produced by Sanyukta Shrestha, while it’s co-producers are Shashidhar Manandhar, Lochan Manandhar, Mahanta Shrestha, Bebina Mali, Sushil Prajapati, Rakesh Tuladhar, Raju Mrigendra Joshi, Bimal and Ganga Kachipati, Shashi Mahaju, Sachetan Tuladhar, Rita Devi Singh, Bhupendra Man Shakya, and Bijaya Bajracharya.

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London Private Viewing
On the auspicious occasion of Nepal Samvat 1137, a private viewing of “The Legend of Shankhadhar” was held amidst Nepali diaspora audience in Greenford Town Hall, London. News with photos and video of the event can be viewed here.

Audience review from the London private viewing can be viewed here:

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