PauViz (2008)

Ver 1.0 released 2008

A graphical visualization application for data abstracted from Paubha, the ancient Newah style of painting.

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About Paubha

Paubha is a form of scroll painting on specially prepared cotton medium with a mixture of saresh (buffalo glue) and sapeta (white clay). Dry shading is the technique unique to coloring style of Paubha which relies heavily on detailed outlining and a bright and rich color palette.

PauViz Technology

An intensive research on ancient Paubha from February through April 2008 resulted in a useful information-base that now builds up the back-end of PauViz system. The information stored in entity-relationship model is graphically rendered by Pauviz in an inter-connected tree-diagram structure. Its interface aims for simplistic information visualization and user-friendly interaction.

PauViz Application

PauViz is an immensely useful archaeological tool capable to document, identify and analyze the Newah artistic heritage of paubha painting. It is a technological solution for the preservation of an ancient south Asian art culture which was once a major influence on it’s Tibetan and Chinese counterparts.