Save Your Yomari
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On 15th December 2019, yantrakala’s second game release was held at Yomari Punhi event organised by Pasa Puchah Guthi UK London, where the game was visited a total of 91 times. It was played 56 times, out of which Level 1 was passed 20 times. The highest score was by Hitakshi (210), then Ashwin (199), Evonne (143), Ria (122), Shaira (48) and Ananyaa (10). Average time spent by the kids in each session of the game was nearly 2 mins.

The game can be accessed at:


The Legend of Shankhadhar – शंखधरया बाखं (FULL MOVIE)

Nepal’s first animated feature film, 2016. Read more here.
Nepalbhasha Version. Running length: 45 min.


The Legend of Shankhadhar –शंखधरको कथा (FULL MOVIE)
Nepal’s first animated feature film, 2016. Read more here.
Nepali Version. Total Running length: 45 min.

Nepali Version – Part I

Nepali Version – Part II


Far Away Film Fest

Far Away Film Fest is a show of animations and artist films inspired by culture around the globe. It is scheduled to be held in UK and Germany.
Download the official catalogue here.

UK Show: 10th March 2018 (6-9pm) at Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London.
Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/320157298505630

Germany Show: 23-34 May 2018 at Bad Oyenhausen, Germany
Photos from the event can be viewed here.


Teaser – “Majipa: Lakhay – मजिपा: लाखय्”
On 15 September 2017, a teaser video from yantrakala’s upcoming animated feature film – “Majipa: Lakhay” (मजिपा: लाखय्) was released simultaneously in U.K. at SOAS University of London, and in Nepal at Microsoft Innovation centre Nepal, Kathmandu. Read more about it here.


Music video – The Legend of Shankhadhar : “शंखधरया बाखँ”
The first animated feature film of Nepal, The Legend of Shankhadhar is a bilingual (Nepalbhasha & Nepali) with English subtitles, and a biopic on Shankhadhar Shakhwa, an ordinary merchant from Kathmandu who cleared everyone’s debt and started Nepal’s original era, Nepal Samvat, on 20th October 879 AD. Read more about it here.