Aakhah Mhasikaa (2011)

Ver 1.0 released 2011

Aakhah Mhasikaa is a training tool that demonstrates how to write Prachalit script using animation. Aakhah Mhasikaa was initially developed in association with NewaWiki.

To download Aakhah Mhasikaa, click here.

About Nepal script

Prachalit Nepal script was originally developed in Nepal based on Brahmi script. Most Nepalbhasha text from the past are written in Prachalit script.

Aakhah Mhasikaa Technology

Aakhah Mhasikaa uses Flash technology to animate Nepal script letters, and Actionscript 3.0 to program the user-interactivity.

Aakhah Mhasikaa Application

In 2011, yantrakala liaised with NewaWiki to make use of existing animated Nepal script vowels and consonants, bringing them together in a common menu-based interface. yantrakala has further plans to include more features in the next version of Aakhah Mhasikaa to be released soon.